The donations from the 2016 Idaho Festival helped to raise $60,000 for M.C.C. projects in the U.S.A. and around the world.  Many persons contributed to this effort by donating items for the auction, country store, gently used items booth, children’s auction and food booths. We are seeking donations again for the 2017 sale.  Items such as quilts, comforters, antique furniture, wood items, crafts, gift certificates, food products, used books or other donations that would help our efforts are welcome and appreciated. 

We have several ways to donate. Please contact the following persons for donations:

General auction/Antique items       Mike Oesch      208-455-3212 

General donations/Gift certificates Rick Bollman  208-850-1229     

Quilts/Comforters/Afghans                 Marty Freeburne  208-397-8016

                                                OR                   Diane Isaak    208-880-3335

Handcrafted items/Wood Shop       

Used books/Gently used items   Marj Bollman  208-850-1229

Silent Auction                                    Sally Unrau         208-853-7243

Volunteers                                        Joy Bowman    208-761-5452


All donations should be made by March 25, 2017.  The deadline for having your item listed in the auction book is April 1, 2017.

Please send a photo of your donation to

Specific Donations:

Wood Shop                             Country Store                          General Auction

Rocking Horse                    Wall Hangings                           Antiques of any kind                      

Marble Racer                       Crocheted Items                       Restored Furniture

Block Sets                             Hand-stitched Items              Handcrafted Furniture

Puzzles                                   Knitted Scarves                       Outdoor Items

Doll Houses                          Jams and Jellies                      Gift Certificates/Get-Aways

Spinning Tops                     Quilts/Comforters                   Tools/Equipment-new

Bath Tub Boats                   Jewelry                                       Gardening Items

Chairs/Stools                      Placemats/Napkins                Trees or Plants

Desk/Table                           Children’s Items                       Collectibles

Rolling Pins                          Aprons                                          Paintings

Wooden Bowls                    Art                                                 “One of a Kind” Items

Toy Barns                            Garden/Plant Ornaments     Unique Toys

Musical Instruments                                                               Quilts/Comforters

                                                                                                          Handcrafted Wood Items


Gently Used                                                                         


Small Appliances                                                                   

Kitchen Items


Decorative Items


Thanks for your willingness to help. We hope to see everyone at the festival! Remember to invite your friends to attend. Please contact (church representative) if you have questions!